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What To Do When - Legal Marriage In Scotland

Three months prior to the date of the wedding you each need to apply to be married by filling in an M10 form, and each provide supporting documents to send by post, or show the Registrar in person.  These are usually birth certificates, passports and a utility bill for proof of address, together with a payment to the local council for the administration of your application.  This application can be done by post or in person.

Legal Marriage If Previously Married

 If you have been married or civilly partnered before and are divorced or widowed you’ll need to provide divorce or death or annulment certificates - for your most recent marriage or civil partnership.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1. Set your budget.

Step 2. Choose your Wedding Venue

Step 3. Choose a Marriage Celebrant (Minister or Registrar)
Once you have a date and time booked at your chosen venue, you need to decide if you prefer a minister or registrar to perform the wedding ceremony?
If you prefer a Registrar your chosen venue will apply for a registrar for you.
If you prefer a Minister, contact one of the Ministers from the page within this site for availability and price and book direct.

Step 4. Marriage Notice Forms & Legal Requirements

Click HERE  M10 Forms & Guidance Notes
You both need to complete and submit M10 Marriage Notice Forms.

On the forms it says ''Who will solomise the marriage'' which means who will perform the wedding ceremony.


If you are having a Minister, write the ministers name and his denomination, e.g. Church of Scotland, Methodist, Assembles of God etc. This information is  within the Minister page  on this site. (If you are having a Minister perform the wedding ceremony you must pay Gretna Registration Office £70 when you submit your marriage notice forms.)


If you are having a Minister perform the wedding ceremony you must collect the marriage schedule (WITHIN 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE MARRIAGE TAKING PLACE) from Gretna Registration Office and hand it to your Minister at the wedding venue.


If you are having a Registrar to perform the wedding ceremony just write Registrar.

Send the forms and the correct fee three months before the wedding date and NO LATER than 29 days before the ceremony. Don't delay, send your forms in, you can always send the other documents if required after the forms have been submitted. Send to

Gretna Registration Office

Central Avenue


DG16 5AQ

Tel: 01461 337648

email: weddings@dumgal.gov.uk

If you are having a Registrar perform the wedding ceremony between Monday to Friday you must pay Gretna Registration Office £355. If your wedding is on a Saturday the fee is £485. If your wedding is on a Sunday or Public Holiday the fee is £551.

If you are having a Registrar perform the wedding ceremony the Registrar will bring the marriage schedule with them to the wedding venue.


Only The Registration Office can offer advice on Legalities, but for general advice you can call Robert on 07717035539 (9am - 9pm Mon - Sat.)

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